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What are your favourite evaluation tools?

The Outreach Evaluation hub wants to share information on options and generate solutions towards better evaluation practice. We thought one way to open up a discussion thread is to share some links to our favourite evaluation resources, whether it be articles, guidance documents, case studies, helpful websites... or any other useful materials. 

To start us off…

1) http://journals.sfu.ca/jmde/index.php/jmde_1/article/view/496
Article on Refining Theories of Change which talks about the similarities and differences between theories of changes and other management tools (such as logic models) and sets out the characteristics of stronger theories of change models.


The EEF’s You Tube presentation on using the Effect Size Calculator in Excel, provides useful instruction on how to calculate the effect size (a simple way of quantifying the difference between two groups that captures the size of any difference) using the Excel Effect Size Calculator – link to the excel effect size calculator file.

Do you have things you feel might be of value to the NCOP evaluation community of practice? Can’t wait to hear about them…

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