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Mid year review of activity evaluation

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Hi All

Good morning. I am just in the process of preparing for a mid-year review of our partnerships local and network level evaluation of learner activity/interactions. I am hoping to use half of our next operational group meeting (due to take place virtually next Tuesday) to review our evaluation activities so far. I am hoping this will be an opportunity for operational colleagues to share good practice and also to open up further discussion of evaluation methods. 

Is anyone else planning something similar at the moment within their partnerships? And if not for this academic year do you have examples you might be happy to share of doing this in the past? 

I appreciate at the moment this is quite (!) challenging given the circumstances. But I think it's still useful (certainly for us as partnership) to undertake this work. 

Best Wishes

Ellen Randall

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  1. Re: Mid year review of activity evaluation

    Hi Ellen,

    I'm currently planning on doing a pre-lockdown report for our partners and schools to help with planning for next year. I'm quite new in post so all our activity evaluation forms have not been typed up from Autumn, never mind this term, but am hoping to get something out fairly soon, when my team have done the data entry for me. What I am doing is asking the practitioners to reflect on their activities and what they think was helpful, or if they had any feedback from learners, and to include that in their thinking about next year.

    I would be happy to chat this through with you and tell you more about what I'm planning if you would like.

    I hope your meeting went well yesterday.

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  2. Re: Mid year review of activity evaluation
    Good morning

    That sounds really interesting and hopefully will be useful for planning for next year with your schools and partners. 

    And yes the meeting went really well. I am hoping to include some of the key discussion points and suggestions in a short summary report which will then be shared internally with our operational group and management group. More of a reflection document for internal staff but could definitely consider how this information could also be shared with schools and external partners. 

    It would be really useful to chat through ideas with you. Please feel free to either private message me on this platform or send me an email. I think my email address should be listed on my profile. 

    Take care and all the best