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Incentivising online data collection?

Study Higher are considering whether we might be able to incentivise students accessing online resources during Lockdown to provide us with monitoring data via a secure Google form or similar. This might be something like being entered into a prize draw to win a £20 Amazon voucher if they can provide us with some basic monitoring data (e.g. full name, DOB, postcode, school, email address).

We would value thoughts and insights from other practitioners around the following questions:

a) Is incentivising in this way an ethical approach to data collection, especially under current circumstances? (Please note that we would not make access to resources contingent on students providing us with their data); 
b) If we were to implement such an incentive, whether it might be necessary to incorporate some T&Cs, or a if there's anything else we should consider to ensure compliance and that students are reassured of our taking an ethical approach to collecting their data.
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