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How to teach essay writing

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Learning to write essays well requires knowing a number of preliminary writing skills, as well as knowing what the different types of essays are and how to plan them. Teaching essay writing requires knowing how to simplify and improve those skills so that students can write effective texts. The following sections on teaching essay writing will give you tips on where to start, an overview of the writing skills needed, and the steps to plan and write an essay.


Strengthen your own understanding of the writing structure and process. Before you can teach someone how to write, you have to understand well what to teach and how to do it.
  • If you are the teacher of a class, you can strengthen your knowledge of how to teach writing through professional training and classes in college.
  • If you are teaching your children at home, find a writing curriculum that will help you teach them the preliminary skills needed to write essays and other types of text. It will also help you assess your children's writing skills so that you can find a suitable starting point.
Teache how to write complete sentences. Since writing essays generally requires constructing complete sentences, students have to learn to construct effective complete sentences. They must understand the types of sentences that exist (declarative, imperative, interrogative, exclamatory), the active and passive voice, and must have the ability to make subjects and verbs agree well.

Teach them how to organize sentences into paragraphs. When students have mastered writing complete sentences, they will have to learn to string them together to form a paragraph. They can use this bullying essay as an example for developing this skill. They must learn how to follow one sentence with another and then another that expands on the idea presented in the first sentence. They will also need to know how to arrange the sentences so that the previous ones lead to the idea that is presented in the final.

Teach them how to organize the paragraphs and how to move from one to another. When students can write coherent paragraphs, they are ready to learn how to connect the paragraphs so that each one leads to the next and the one that follows is a stronger expression than the last. A transition sentence can be placed as the last of a preceding paragraph or the first of one that follows, or both.
  • Encourage students to connect two, three, four, and five paragraphs little by little to build a coherent essay. As students become more familiar with the format, help them learn how to write the introduction, present the background information, the information that confirms their beliefs, and the information that contradicts them, and then summarize as a conclusion.
Teaches how to observe and record observations. To start, you can teach students how to observe and write about what is in front of them, and then compare their written observations with those of their peers and with professional writers who are seeing the same thing.

Teach them to express their opinions in writing. Show them the difference between writing facts and opinions. Students should learn when and when it is inappropriate to include their opinions in what they write and how to express them in a courteous and professional manner.

Teach them how to research for an essay. Students have to learn to select materials that they can write about, how to read for information, how to analyze it, and then organize the notes in an outline.
  • Although it is possible to make diagrams in the head, students must first learn to do them on paper so that they can review how the rehearsals are developed with the initial plan. They must learn to modify the scheme first and then the same essay as they get new information that makes them review their work.

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